August 2008

NowPublic and Link Baiting and stuff

If you are coming to this site because you read some thing on NowPublic about top 20 LA influencers and clicked a bunch of links around on their site thinking you were going to get here but didn’t, and then gave up and went to google and found this site then you probably want to read this post I just made on LA Metblogs.

If you didn’t jump through all those hoops, and have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, then I guess maybe you could check out the post too. If you don’t care about any of this junk, then at least please enjoy this lolcat.

Benotto Build So Far

Benotto so far

As you can see the Benotto, which was nothing more than a frame a fork last month is starting to take on a more bike like form. This is my first road bike build up so I’m playing a lot of it by ear and expect to screw tons of things up. We’ll see. Here’s what I’ve done at this point:

  1. I cannibalized the Italian threaded bottom bracket that came with the Masi. The guys at the bike shop had told me it felt a little janky, but several other bike building type friends said it seemed OK. I rode with it for a few days on the Masi before I swapped in the new one which was noticably bette for sure, but the old one wasn’t really “bad.” I may replace it later, but for now it works.
  2. I picked up a Shimano 105 Wheelset and Crankset on craigslist for quite a steal actually and put those on. I had a brand new tire that I put on the front wheel but still need one for the back. The rear wheel has an 8spd cassette so looks like I’m building this up to be a 16 speed.
  3. Interesting note, the Chainrings on the Crankset are those weird oval “Biopace” shape rather than a perfect circle. I don’t know how those will be to ride with. Guess I’ll find out.
  4. First roadblock: I have a rear brake that I bought when I got my Swobo and quickly removed. It’s Shimano and brand spanking new. I also have a vintage Campy front brake that I was hoping to put n this. In both cases the bolt fits into the drilled hole fine but doesn’t reach out of the back to allow something to be locked onto it. Both of these came with those flush nuts that actually are supposed to sink into the frame, but they are too wide to fit in the existing holes. This may be problematic.
  5. Second roadblock: The no name brand Japanese stem I had laying around fit great in the headset but I can’t fit the Cinelli bars I have into it. They get too wide at the center point so I guess they aren’t compatable so one of those will have to be replaced with something else. I’d say it’ll be the stem, but I’m a n00b on this stuff so who knows.
  6. Just realized I have a seat as well, just forgot to drag it out for the photo.

So that’s the bulk of it at the moment. Major missing parts are now derailers, shifters, brake levers, seat post, chain, inner tubes. It’s getting there. My inital plan for this was to build it for under $100, I messed that up by paying $100 for the frame, but so far I’m still under $200 for everything.

Start Today

Yesterday you were on my back just to get my time.
I guess it’s not as precious as it seems.
Because I found the time for hangin’ out and talkin’ on the phone.
What should I expect, now that my time is free and you’re nowhere to be found.
Next time I’ll try, for the first time in my life.
It won’t pass me by.
Procrastinate it can wait, I put it off. Let’s start today. My room’s a mess and I can’t get dressed.
I gotta be out by eight o’clock.
Deep inside I know the answer.
Well there’s no time like the present and I’d like to hang out but who doesn’t.
I’ve made enough mistakes for this lifetime.
Now I’m here to make amends.
Next time I’ll try, for the first time in my life.
It won’t pass me by.
Procrastinate it can wait, I put it off. start! stop!

That’s of course by Gorilla Biscuits. You know it, you love it. So do I.


Presenting… Presentations!

Much the same as every year, when the call for SXSW presentations was made I thought of a few ideas and then didn’t do anything about them. Before I knew it the deadline hit and I realized I hadn’t submitted anything. I started sketching ideas out on my wiki like crazy. Jason and I had talked about a “lessons learned” kind of thing for Metblogs so I whipped that idea and submitted it. I also figured, what the hell, and made up another one on the spot about changing the world. Truth is I didn’t think either one would get accepted, but the panel picker went live today and both ideas are in there.

Chaos Theory: Global Blog Network Politics & Scaling
In the five years we’ve been running Metblogs we’ve made more than our fair share of mistakes and walked headfirst into crazy problems. We’ll share some of those including managing a massive publishing platform with no staff, international politics, raising money, and more. What we’ve learned, and what we’d do differently.

Change the World in 5 Easy Steps
Revolution begins at home, this will focus on 5 easy things you can do personally that will actually have an effect on a global level. Go vegan, ride a bike, stop buying crap, visit a different country, do something you love rather than something that pays the bills. Wake up and live.

You can click the links above and vote if you want. The Metblogs one will be cool and fun if it goes through, and I think it’ll provide some insight. The other one, wow… I really didn’t think that would make it at all, and now that it did I’m kinda nervous. What the hell did I get myself into? Or maybe it’s a good thing. Who knows, anyway, um.. yeah.

Nutter Butter & Peanut Butter Oreos

As you may or may not be aware Nabisco quietly release a new flavor of Oreo, that being the Peanut Butter Cream filled version. As you should be aware peanut butter and cookies are two things that go amazing together. So Tara and I decided to pit these up against the old faithful, Nutter Butter. After careful consideration it was decided that the cookie on the Oreo tasted better, but the filling on the Nutter Butter was more peanutty. What to do? It was pretty obvious:

The Perfect PB Cookie?

We pulled the cream out of each cookie and performed a transplant of sorts, resulting in an Oreo filled with the guts of a Nutter Butter. As you can imagine it was amazing. However, it was very time consuming and to prevent ourselves from spending the next 16 hours making cookie mashups, we did the honorable thing and ate both bags of cookies in their original form as quickly as we could so as not to be tempted. Feel free to attempt this on your own.