What’s In My Bag (travel edition)

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Sean Diptych

After my talk at Mailchimp the other day, Jason Travis approached me and asked if I’d be willing to be a part of his ongoing series of portraits and “what’s in your bag” photos he’s been doing. I thought it sounded like fun and, since I wasn’t expecting to do it, I didn’t overthink what I should have in my bag at that point. It was literally what I had with me for that trip, just off the plane, giving a talk, heading back the next day. I really like it, and it’s funny how years of style, color, theme choices all work together.

OK, so what is all this stuff??
(I’m including links of where to buy when possible to avoid a slew of “where do I get…?” – If there’s no link I forgot or can’t find it online anymore)

Friends will note that the glaring omission is any kind of knife, and I’ll point out again I’d just gotten off a plane. Also, my laptop was hooked up to a projector and I’d forgotten to grab it for this.



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  1. Great shot and very nice setup of gadgets. The only thing I miss in your image is the perhaps most important item that makes you carry all this lovely stuff – the bag.

    May I kindly ask which one or ones your use? Myself I carry a rather bulky National Geographic Earth Explorer NG 2300 Slim (the name says Slim, but it’s really not).

    Comment by Daniel — February 7, 2014 @ 12:02 am

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