Recommendations, or not

Spreadshirt is missing the point

Yesterday I announced the launch of which is largely powered by Spreadshirt. In my announcement post about it I explained that I’ve printed and sold t-shirts via different companies for most of my life but only now had print on demand services, like Spreadshirt as well as Cafe Press, PrintMojo, Printfection, Zazzle and others gotten to the point that I thought I could actually use them as the main production and fulfillment piece of the business.

Hi Hollywood

I just published my second book. Woot!

This book is about the magic of movies. About reaching to a higher standard. About daring to dream. About making movies awesome again. We dare you to read any one of the potential oscar winners presented here in rough treatment format and say that they wouldn’t be awesome movies. We fucking dare you.

Morgen and I wrote this book a while ago and have been sitting on it waiting for the exact right moment to spring it on the world, and that moment is now! Brought to you in a handy downloadable ebook, this is also kind of the launch of my new publishing house Surprise Attack Publishing. It’s free and it’s awesome, or at least I think it is. If you have any taste in literature you’ll probably agree.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


I just wrote about NeighborGoods over on LA Metblogs so I won’t repeat myself here other than to say I’m so incredibly proud of my friend Micki for making this idea a reality and expect super amazing things to come from it. If you don’t need the pitch and just want to jump in you can use this link and you’ll get added to the LA Metblogs beta group which will be extra fun.

I’ll write more about this in the coming weeks I promise, but for now I’m just so amped to see it live and want to see more people on it ASAP!

Travel iPhone Apps

travelappsI travel a lot. I have an iPhone. I have an international data plan. The combo of these things gives me the opportunity to try out lots of travel apps and find ones that are useful or more likely ones that are steamy piles of poop. I’m guessing you don’t need advice on apps not to check out, so I decided to give a little bit of a rundown of apps I think are worth while and I use myself on a regular basis. When I’m traveling anyway, I don’t use the app that gives me a map of the Tokyo metro very often when I’m hanging out in LA. You get the idea.

Data plan aside, I only have so much bandwidth to play with so my preference is for apps that are self contained and don’t need a connection, or that can leach of nearby wifi for whatever data they do need. Of course GPS is a huge benefit in travel so that isn’t always possible but know ahead of time that when faced with options that require heavy data usage and ones that don’t I opt for the later. If any of this sounds interesting to you, keep on reading!


I saw the posters for Tyson all over Toronto last weekend and thought to myself that I should check it out but after I talked to Glen the other day I ran out and saw it immediately. He wrote up a post advising everyone to do the same thing and I couldn’t agree more. The whole time I kept finding myself staring at the screen saying “wow” or just being blown away in general. I was growing up when Mike Tyson was the champ and played a hell of a lot of Punch Out at one point in time so I definitely had my own opinion of him but this shattered that in so many ways, and confirmed it in many others. Super amazing insight in this one and worth sitting down and watching.

The Annihilator

1df0c0a398a072dcfb7f0210l_aa280_ Tonight was the first of many CERT classes I’ll be taking over the next few weeks. I’ll be writing more about it on other sites in the near future but it’s awesome so far and just what I was hoping for. In tonight’s class we spent a lot of time talking about earthquakes and general preparedness, something anyone living in SoCal has heard again and again. At one point the instructor was talking about how everyone should have a crowbar in their bedroom, not to chase off intruders, but in case of an earthquake where debris falls and you get trapped they can provide the leverage you need to get yourself out. One of the other students said they had something called The Annihilator which was some kind of multi-function thing which sounded completely made up. Turns out it’s completely legit and real and now I want one. Just look at that, tell me you couldn’t beat the crap out of some drywall with it!

Messing around with an Amazon Store

url-1In efforts to both save myself the trouble of recommending the same things over and over again, as well as make truckloads of cash doing absolutely nothing, I’ve gone ahead and set up an Amazon store. I honestly have no idea if something like this will be worth the tens of minutes I spent setting it up, but I do know I’m often asked about my favorite X or what kind of Y I might recommend and I figure I can just add those things to this as they come up and anyone who is interested will know I fully support anything listed in there and probably own it myself.

I don’t keep very good records about things I suggest either so I’m hoping this will help, if I’ve pointed something out to you that you’ve picked up and it’s worked out well for you please let me know and I’ll make sure to add it as well. Of course I do this knowing full well I might get bored of it in a week and forget it even exists, but maybe it’s worth a shot. So go spend mountains of cash. Thnx.

Changing the world in 5 easy steps – the intro

As I mentioned the other day I was originally planning on being in Austin, Texas this weekend giving a talk called How to change the world in 5 easy stepsfor a handful of reasons I’m not there so I thought I’d post some of the discussion points here see what develops. I’ve also created a brand spanking new ‘philosophy‘ category, as I can see this and this and topics spun off from it being used a great deal in the near future. Anyway, the description for my talk was this:

Revolution begins at home, this talk will focus on 5 easy things you can do personally that will actually have an effect on a global level. Go vegan, ride a bike, stop buying crap, visit a different country, do something you love rather than something that pays the bills. Wake up and live.

I should warn you this isn’t a feel good topic at all and I suspect I’m going to insult some people along the way, but that kind of controversy might be what is needed to get their gears turning. The idea behind this was that many people like to pay lip service to saving the environment, being happy and generally making the world a better place but in practice they aren’t actually doing anything that really makes a difference. Not that they don’t think they are, but I’ve found that frequently people approach world changing in a similar way as the TSA approaches airline security – they do a few things that they can wave around so they feel good and pat themselves on the back but those things are like banning nail clippers, they sound good but actually make no difference. That said, there are things we all can do, little tweeks to our lifestyles that have massive ripple effects and can actually make a change.

Anyone can point out things people are doing wrong, hell I do it all the time, but I want this conversation to be more about what can be done right so I’ll try to spend as little time as possible pointing fingers. However, if you are the kind of person who will always buy the product labeled “organic” over the non-organic version next to it, or thinks you know what the rest of the world thinks about you even though you haven’t been to a country that doesn’t border yours in years I probably think you are wrong. Also, as this was meant to be a group conversation rather than a lecture I’ll mostly be giving out my opinion and a few links to back that up but please make use of the comments for any and every thought you might have about this stuff. Over the next few days I’ll address each of these suggestions and we’ll see where this goes. You ready?

Part 1: Go Vegan
Part 2: Ride A Bike
Part 3: Stop Buying Crap
Part 4: Visit A Different Country
Part 5: Do Something You Love Rather Than Something That Pays The Bills