$CROWD is a Social Token.

Social Tokens are crypto currency, but rather than having financial value they represent social value. Holding a Social Token indicates a social connection, membership or participation in a community. The token’s value is determined internally by a community not externally by a market, and most often that value is not pegged to the dollar as much as it is to an action or a relationship.

Earlier this year I wrote about my foray into the world of Social Tokens and the launch of $CROWD. Since then a lot has happened. There’s a $CROWD section on discord.art and if you hold $CROWD you can unlock and access private channels. There have been almost a dozen NFTs traded for $CROWD, that I know of. It’s becoming a bit of a digital secret handshake, in all the best ways.

$CROWD is a standard Ethereum ERC-20 token, but is only traded on the Polygon/Matic Mainnet.
To add Polygon.Matic Mainnet to your Ethereum wallet, follow these instructions.
An Ethereum bridge is in the works.

$CROWD contract address: 0x4744fE720055cC2f794b48993F1BA57F07F962E8

How can you get $CROWD? I give it away pretty frequently. Follow me on Twitter. Join my mailing list. Hang out in the Discord. I’m also trying to collect rescued Mooncats, if you have some and want to trade, please get in touch!