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I’ve got a birthday coming up…

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Sure it’s not till February, but if you need any suggestions of what I might want, look no further than this auction on ebay. *hint*

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Tonight We Ride: The Wolfpack All City Century

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Going Single

A few weeks ago I wrote about my first experience riding with the wolfpack. It was exciting, and challenging, and I’ve been back every week since then. Sometimes I’ve gone further, sometimes I’ve gone faster, but in all cases I’ve pushed myself much more than I ever have before. I’ve never been much of an athlete, in fact skateboarding was about the extent of it for me. But there is something about these rides and seeing what I can actually do, and then trying to out do that, that has me completely addicted. Tonight is the one year anniversary of the Wolfpack Hustle rides, and what better way to mark than then with a 100 mile ride. Yes kids, tonight will be the Wolfpack Hustle All City Century. Seriously, click that link and look at that route. It covers the majority of Los Angeles, which means we’ll be covering the majority of Los Angeles. On Bikes. Oh yeah, and one new twist – I switched my bike to fixed gear.


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Breaking News from Metblogs: Emergency Rule in Pakistan

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We’re just getting the reports from our bloggers in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad right now but Emergency Rule Martial Law has been declared in Pakistan and the Press and Media has been ordered to cease broadcasting and STFU. The country is expecting a presidential address later in the day. Here are a few specific posts to look at, but keep checking the above links for the most up to the moment info.
- Karachi: Emergency Declared in Pakistan?
- Lahore: Emergency Rule – CONFIRMED
- Islamabad: Emergency Rule

I’ll be updating this post on as new links/info becomes available. OK, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging…

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