I meant to post about this before, and if you’ve been following me on twitter you’ve heard tell of it but officially this is my battle cry in support of the Dirty Chai. What’s what you might ask? It’s a Chai Latte, preferably with soymilk, with a shot of espresso thrown in. It rules. I’ve ordered it by name in Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, and now Cork. Everyplace has been like “huh?” then I explained it, they thought it sounded a little weird but agreed to make it. By the time they handed it to me they had moved on to thinking it was probably pretty good. In Vienna and Berlin I was able to stop explaining it and just order it by name, and at Cork Airport a few hours ago the barista said “that is the absolutely best sounding special request I’ve ever gotten, I’m making two, one for me” and then we toasted when he was done.

Long and short of it, they rule. Go order one yourself.

Additionally, I’m blown away by how cool Cork is and how much cool stuff is going on here. More on this soon, but if we open a European office for Metroblogging of any kind, Cork just got bumped to the top of the list of candidate cities.