Earlier I was talking about the packing problem I’m facing with this trip. After much sorting and tinkering, I think I have it set and this is the majority of the stuff I need to bring with me:

Most of what is being packed

Click through to flickr on that one to see notes on what all that crap is. I think I’ve pulled it off, as here’s most of it in my regulation carry on sized roller bag:

Most of it packed

Missing from that is my laptop and a few related electronics that will be in the messenger bag I’m brining that I hope to be able to jam into the larger bag when I hit Heathrow and they start enforcing their one bag per person rule. I haven’t done the final zip up yet, but I’m fairly confident this will work.  I’ll be buying almost all toiletries when I get there, and wearing my larger jacket on the plane so as not to worry about packing it.  Guess we’ll just have to see how well this works out…

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