March 2008

YASNS Consolidation of Sorts

Just one of those round up thingys of places I have profiles for linkage. I have accounts on other services of course, however this is more a lis of the ones I use pretty regularly for one thing or another. If you are on any or all of the following, feel free to add me.

Twitter – micro blogging
Facebook – who knows?
Flickr – photos
Pownce – mostly just sharing music – what I’m listening to
Upcoming – what my friends are doing since I never do anything
Dopplr – where I’m traveling

Twitter Etiquette, or assuming eveyone uses tools the same way you do?

Over on Global Geek News, Jeremy “pcnerd37″ Bray has written a post called “Twitter Etiquette” and a follow up unexpectedly called “Twitter Etiquette Part 2.” While the first post makes a few good points as well as a few I disagree with, the second post is on the defensive and expands on the motivation behind the list including this line which I think is the most telling. Jeremy says:

“While I won’t name names, but it is people like them that flood everybody’s Twitter feeds which ruin the experience for their fellow users.  I don’t like to stop following people, but if you have an unhealthy obsession with Twitter that creates a less enjoyable user experience for me, I will stop following you.  The purpose of my list is so that people don’t create a less enjoyable experience for others.”

The biggest problem here is that he’s assuming everyone has the same use of this tool that he does. Or worse, that they shouldn’t be allowed to use the tools in other ways than he does. The thing about services like Twitter is that who you are connected to is completely up to you and each person will find the best mix of how they want to use it, and how they want to use it for other people. Jeremy assumes that because he doesn’t enjoy the way some people use the service, that other people must not enjoy it as well. He’s completely overlooking the fact that there are certainly some people who do enjoy the way these people use the service, and acting like he’s being put out by having to deal with the way some people use it that don’t conform to his etiquette rules. In reality, if hs doesn’t like how other people use the service he should just stop following those folks rather than trying to change how they use it.

That’s not to say he doesn’t have some valid points. Some of the things he lists as annoying I think are pretty annoying too, but I’d never tell people they weren’t allowed to do them, I’d tell them in person I thought it was annoying and if it bothered me enough I’d just stop following them. It’s pretty easy to guess some of the folks he’s referring to and the sheer number of people who follow those people proove that not everyone thinks it’s as annoying as he does. I’ve got a few more notes on some of his specific points after the jump.

Back in LA! Lots of plans/goals/ideas/thanks

Finally, I’m back in the city of angles. I’ve got photos from the last few days to upload and compile here but I’ll get to that later this week. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in the meantime, as well as so many new ideas and plans. A few quick notes:

  • I carry a pen and notebook around with me all the time with the intent of jotting down ideas and I don’t use it enough. The last two weeks have reminded me how valuable that is, unfortunately not because of the ideas I wrote down but rather the ones I thought of, thought I should write down next time I had a chance (mostly when I wasn’t driving) and then forgot. I need to be more diligent about this.
  • Forced separation from the web reminds you how much you can get done, how much you can be inspired, and how what you actually enjoy in ways I can’t even describe. I’m making a commitment to myself to read some kind of fiction for at least an hour every day, as well as write something every day – even if I don’t publish it. It’s just a habit I need to have. Also, I realize I’ve fallen back into the e-mail thing a bit more than I want to admit, and I need to stop that. No more checking e-mail at all in the evening is my first step.
  • I’ve been using Facebook a hell of a lot recently, which is weird because pre-sxsw I wasn’t using it for anything but Scrabulous.
  • The best friends you can have in the entire world are the ones who are not afraid to kick you in the ass and remind you what is important. I consider myself endlessly lucky to have a few such friends and wouldn’t trade them for the world. One of the lowest points so far in 2008 was hearing from one of those people that they felt like we weren’t really friends anymore which isn’t the case at all and reminded me that I need to let the people who are important to me know it more often. I’d easily trade 10 friends who tell me I’m awesome because they think it’s what I want to hear for one telling me I suck if it’s how they actually felt.
  • We launched Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Metblogs!
  • Once again I’m promising myself to write/talk first and think about reactions later.
  • I’m loving my new tattoos.
  • I can’t believe I’m going be back in Berlin in 2 weeks. I also can’t believe how when I’m not in LA I start wondering what it would be like to live some other place and weighing out options and offers and how the second I step foot back here I instantly fall back in love and know that more than any other place in my life LA is home and while I can certainly see some situations where I’d be spending lots of time in some other places, I could never not have LA be home base.
  • I’m really excited to see a certain friend of mine taking the steps I know she needs to. It’s inspiring and makes me proud for some weird reason. I can’t wait to see what she does next, I know it’ll be awesome.

Ok that’s enough random ranting for the night. I’m finally home in my own bed, and need to go to sleep in it.

Scientology Outs Anonymous

Jason Carlin just sent me this link, it seems someone claiming to be involved with The Church of Scientology has identified what they think are a few Anonymous members and posted all their personal information online. I said before this was going to get more interesting before it went away and it seems to have just taken another step in that direction. I do think it’s noteworthy to point out that when trying to defend yourself against claims that you use fear and personal threats to silence your critics, using fear and personal threats to silence your critics might not be the best course of action when it comes to clearing your name. I’m just sayin…

More on the LA specific Scientology vs Anonymous activities here.

On the road again

Don't mess with Texas

I swore off road trips in early 2001 when it took a week for Caryn and I to move from Chicago to Los Angeles and we got stuck in Nebraska for 2 days with a blown transmission. Today I break that vow as I join Johannes and travel by car from Austin, Texas back to Los Angeles, California. We’ll be hitting nuclear test sites, alien landing strips and roadside who-ha of all sorts. I’ll be taking photos. There will also be video. It’ll take a few days.

With any luck the wifi won’t be as impossible to find as I’m afraid it will be – how wired are roadside motels these days? Either way I’ll be twittering and things along the way. Should be home in a few days. More soon.