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I was tagged by Joi Ito.

Quick preface here, anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows I’ve done a few of these from time to time. In 2003 I listed 8 things I didn’t think anyone knew about me, and in 2007 wrote another 100 that people may or may not have known. So coming up with 7 more is going to be a challenge, but should be fun. I used to think these things were lame and self important, maybe they are, but I also find them therapeutic since I really have to dig around my own head to try to think of things long forgotten or buried. Also it would So here goes…

1. When I lived in Dallas (around 87 I think) there was a LaserTag arena not too far from my house and I used to play from time to time. They had one of those black felt boards on the wall with those push in white plastic letters that listed of the top ranked teams at that arena. I desperately wanted to be a LaserTag all star. I came up with the plans for a team named Helter Skelter. I drew up a logo and uniform design for the team and picked out the kids in my school who I thought would be the best assets and wrote dossiers on each of them. I had everything perfectly planned out right up until the part where I had to tell anyone else about. It kind of fell apart at that stage since I didn’t actually know a few of the kids I’d included. It’s a shame, we could have been legendary!

2. Before I was old enough to actually get them, the first three things that I 100% for sure no question about it decided I wanted to get as tattoos were all logos – the Red Hot Chili Pepper astrix, some Ray Barbie stakeboard graphic, and the Powell Peralta rat bones. Luckily I didn’t end up getting any of them, and I think about those ideas anytime I decide to get a new one as a way of asking myself if this is something I really want on my body forever or not and I’ve talked myself out of a few things because of that. OK, the rat bones would still have been cool.

3. When I lived in Gainesville some friends owned a bar and from time to time I’d DJ there. And by “DJ” I mean I’d bring in a stack of records and play them all night. It was a blast and I loved seeing what weird things I could dig up and throw out that people would be into. I was able to do this since they had their own equipment that I used, but most of the real DJ’s in town had their own stuff and played parties and clubs to get their name out. I think the only reason I didn’t pursue that more was because I couldn’t afford the super cool Techniques 1210 turntables (the black ones).

4. In the summer of 86 I moved back to Florida from Dallas. I had a pair of green pants, riddled with safety pins and rips that I’d written then names bands like “Youth of Today” and “BOLD” and slogans like “Drug Free Youth” and “Skate Tough or Go Home” in giant black marker all over them. I think I worth them every day for months. I stopped wearing them when I ran out of room to write new things on them, which luckily was a good year before I realized how atrocious they were.

5. I worked for a few years at Publix, which is a grocery store in Florida (and perhaps elsewhere now too). After a few months of being a bagger I realized that was the lamest job ever and the stockers (dudes who kept the shelves stocked) got all the props and decided that was what I needed to be doing. I asked one of my mangers about switching and was kinda brushed off, so I decided to promote myself. I “found” a box cutter (standard issue for the cool stockers) in the back room and made myself a holster for it like I’d seen the other guys wearing. Then I went to one of the stockers and told him I was supposed to help him and what should I do. He happily gave me a list of tasks and showed me what to do. For the next two weeks I reported to him anytime I was scheduled to work. Eventually someone asked why I was stocking and not bagging and I immediately said that one of the managers who wasn’t there told me to. That seemed to be good enough and I wasn’t questioned about it again. Pretty soon the people who made the schedules started changing mine to those of a stocker (more when the store was closed) and eventually they gave me my own section.

6. I’ve been getting massive sinus infections more and more frequently. My ENT says I have a deviated septum and probably need surgery to correct it or it’s just going to get worse. This is only aggravated by doing things like bike riding where I’m inhaling tons of crap through my nose. The worst part of this, is that the air in LA seems to be especially bad for this. When I travel elsewhere the sinus stuff seems to clear up relatively quickly and I have no problems as long as I’m gone, but as soon as I get back to LA it hits me. I’ve been back in LA since Friday afternoon and am already congested and coughing. The worst part about this, is that of all the places I’ve ever lived in my life LA is my favorite by a long shot and the only place I’ve ever been that feels like home. So my home is killing me. Awesome.

7. Another Texas story – I must have been around 8 years old. I was being driven somewhere by my mom and I saw a kid on the street with a shaved head. As we drove past him I yelled out of the car window “what’s up Buzz?!” and my mom asked if I knew him. When I said no she slammed on the brakes and asked why I called him Buzz then? I noted that he had a buzzed haircut and thought I was being exceptionally clever. She didn’t agree and threw the car in reverse and made me apologize to the kid. He seemed more shocked then relieved by the whole thing. As we were driving away my mom said “I hope you learned your lesson” and in fact I had, though not the one I think she wanted to teach me. I didn’t learn not to make fun of people, rather to make sure if you are going to make fun of them you are comfortable doing it to their face.

And, there you have it. Who I’m tagging: Tara Brown, Patrick Hughes, Wil Wheaton, Rudy Jahchan, Colleen Wainwright, Matt Alt, and Will Campbell.