Graffiti in Singapore

As I mentioned I’m back in Singapore for the NSC1 conference we’ve been working on. After a delay filled trip it’s been a hectic last few days but friends and speakers are starting to get to town and the folks at have been kind enough to let us set up camp and swipe their wifi. The conference starts tomorrow and with any luck we’ll have a lot of images and video up online shortly.

So far this trip has been VERY different that my last one. On the previous trip our time here was very structured and we were bussed as a group from one meeting to another. This time I’ve been on my own a lot and had the opportunity to just walk around and I have a much different feel for the country and there is definitely more culture than is immediately obvious when staying only in the more polished areas. I actually found a bunch of graffiti while walking which is a really really good thing in my book. More news from the conference as it happens…

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