This is kind of shocking, one of those thing people always talk about doing because they think would be a good idea but then never actually do is actually getting done! Tara and I (though it’s mostly Tara doing all the hardwork) talked about and are now actually doing a travel video podcast documenting this trip and where it takes us. We’re calling it GTFO and it’s not really over produced, or well, produced at all – honestly it’s mostly just us talking about what has happened in the few days prior to recording it. The first episode is mostly just us talking to the camera, the second has a bit more ‘out in the world’ footage and I hope we’ll get better at this as it progresses. If you are curious about what we’re up to and haven’t had a chance to check these out yet, here’s both episodes thus far…

Episode 1: Leaving Los Angeles:

Episode 2: Singapore So Far:

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