A few months ago I wrote about things I wanted to do on a daily basis because they are important to me. In efforts to keep myself in check I thought I’d review that list again and see how I’m doing. I can tell you right that this isn’t going to be a positive review. I’m really, exceptionally good at distracting myself with random life things and messing up my plans. Which is in part why I kind of go overboard on the self structuring sometimes, without it who knows what kind of a disaster I’d be.

So let’s see…

1. Take a photo, with my camera
I’ve done pretty well with this one actually. I don’t post them that much because I shoot on film and getting it developed and scanned takes a while so I generally batch them and do 10 or so rolls at once, I post things here on flickr when I get that done.

2. Write something
This is my first failure on this list. I am disappoint. I haven’t written shit. Well, I’ve written a little bit but not anything near what I’d like to have written. I keep waiting for inspiration and I know that is the problem. I need to just write and eventually I’ll find the inspiration. Sitting around hoping it’ll just stop by for a visit is stupid, yet I do it all the time. I can come up with lots of excuses but they are just that. I need to shut up and write. That’s the only solution. I wrote this letter to myself a few years ago, I should reread it every day.

3. Read something
I’ve been traveling a lot so I’ve been reading a lot. But without travel I’ve been slacking. On a 1 to 10 scale here I’d say I’ve earned about a 6, maybe a 7. I’ve had the benefit of several really great books that I’ve been spending time with, but I need to get a little better about doing this every day. Some set time maybe. Though, having a 2 year old makes any kind of set time next to impossible. Check out my awesome excuses boiling up here even!

4. Tell Ripley I love him
I’ve done this 100%. Without fail I think. I tell him that every day, sometimes several times a day. It probably annoys the crap out of him.

5. Listen to music
Doing pretty well here too, not perfect, but certainly better than I was before I wrote this list. To get better about this I think I need to worry less if every single person within earshot is going to appreciate the slick rhymes of ODB or be inspired by the lyrical content of Gorilla Biscuits and just hit play.

6. Ride my bike
Massive uber failure here. I don’t think I’ve ridden my bike once since making this list. It’s incredibly disappointing. I think, and I could be wrong, that my bike used to be in the living room and it took 2 seconds to grab it and go, but in our new house bikes have been locked up and relocated to the garage which is also locked up and if I want to go for a bike ride I’m facing 20 minutes of prep time easy, so I just don’t. I need to figure out how to deal with that. And by that I mean I need to just stop sucking and go for a ride.

7. Go for a walk
I’ve done pretty well with this one, especially thanks to having a FitBit that motivates me to get off my fat ass and move and guilts me when I don’t hit my goal or when my friends walk way more than me. Visiting cities like Tokyo and NYC help with that a lot.

8. Make love to Tara
Yeesh. How am I doing on this one? I dunno, but I could always do better. Hey Tara! I love you!

9. Make something
I’ve made some stuff, not every day, but new stuff exists for sure. Which is great, but my output could be improved. I feel like this suffers from the same problem as writing, I too often wait for the inspiration to take hold to do things and I need to turn that shit around and take hold of the inspiration.

10. Be awesome
SUBJECTIVE MUCH? Did I really put this on the list of things I needed to do every day? Could I be any more of a total dick about it? Anyway… I don’t know if I’ve been successful here or not. I try, I feel like I fail, so I try more. I think if I thought I was successful on this one I’d give up and call it a day, so constantly beating myself up for not being awesome enough and wanting to change that is sort of the fuel for the game. I probably did a little better than I could have and a little worse than I’d hoped. Gotta keep trying.

So that’s the list. I guess I check back in in a few months and see if it’s improved at all…