I believe NFTs will facilitate a dynamic shift in power for artists and creators. I started writing about them earlier this year and though it feels dated to me now, my original NFT WTF post from February 2021 is still a very good introduction to what’s going on. I’ve written more recently (Oct 2021) about why I believe Web3 is going to play a big part of our future. For a more focused look at some of related issues, here’s a post I wrote about Avatars and Identity, and another I wrote about the potential for blockchains to be Social Archives.

If you are interested in getting involved with NFTs I wrote up this onboarding document.

Along with a bunch of other interesting artists I was interviewed for a recent episode of the Launch Left podcast talking about why I think NFTs are important. I also spoke with Coinvise for their Creator Stories series and talked about my path over the last 30 years that has brought me to this point. In a somewhat related story, in October 2021 I gave a talk at Esalen Institute in California about Art & Activism that focuses primarily on some of my pre-NFT projects but leads into them at the end.

If you are looking for my work, I’m offering some 1/1 NFTs of selected street photographs on Foundation & KnownOrigin as well as some lower priced editions of photos from my book Don’t Go Outside. I’ve also published a collection of 15 images in a series called “Tokyo Walks

For the analog fans I offer actual prints as well.