I believe NFTs will facilitate a dynamic shift in power for artists and creators. I started writing about them earlier this year and though it feels dated to me now, my original NFT WTF post from February 2021 is still a very good introduction to what’s going on. I’ve written more recently (Oct 2021) about why I believe Web3 is going to play a big part of our future. For a more focused look at some of related issues, here’s a post I wrote about Avatars and Identity, and another I wrote about the potential for blockchains to be Social Archives.

If you are interested in getting involved with NFTs I wrote up this onboarding document.

Along with a bunch of other interesting artists I was interviewed for a recent episode of the Launch Left podcast talking about why I think NFTs are important. I also spoke with Coinvise for their Creator Stories series and talked about my path over the last 30 years that has brought me to this point. In a somewhat related story, in October 2021 I gave a talk at Esalen Institute in California about Art & Activism that focuses primarily on some of my pre-NFT projects but leads into them at the end.

If you are looking for my work, I’m offering some 1/1 NFTs of selected street photographs on Foundation and some newer work on my own new contract as well as some editions of photos from my book “Don’t Go Outside” and some stand alone works. I’ve published a somewhat experimental collection of 15 images in a series called “Tokyo Walks” and a very personal collection called “Unfinished Projects” contrasting to major events in my life.

For the analog fans I offer actual prints as well.