“So what are you working on now?”

I get asked this question a lot, my friend Derek had a great idea about how to answer it, so I’m following his lead:

  • I split time between Los Angeles, Tokyo and Boston.
  • My primary life focus is hanging out wth my kid.
  • My primary work focus is  Safecast
  • I’m on the board of CicLAvia – I’ve gotten off all other boards though continue to play an advisory role at a handful of companies and organizations.
  • I drag a camera with me pretty much everywhere I go.
  • I train regularly in Bujinkan and have started powerlifting. I skateboard an bike when I can.
  • Still slowly learning Japanese.
  • I’m mostly over attending conferences at this point, but if and when I do I prefer smaller more curated events.

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This page is current as of Nov 2016